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What's your state's non-alc drink of choice?

Cover for The Zero Proof Trends in 2022 for Non-Alcoholic Beverages report

The fastest growing trend in the drinks market in 2022 was, for the third year in a row, adult non-alcoholic beverages. At The Zero Proof, we have customers all over the country, giving us unique insight into how and where Americans drink non-alcoholic beverages. We crunched the numbers on our sales for last year to discover the top regions and cities for non-alc, what they're buying, and who is spending the most. In addition, we discovered each state's drink of choice (in the contiguous 48 plus Hawaii). 

We found out that chilly, coastal areas like Maine and Seattle love the oceanic flavor of Pentire Adrift.

The Midwest can't get enough of zero-proof bourbon, but that in bourbon country (Kentucky) they prefer de-alcoholized sparkling wine.

New York City not only spends the most on rent, but on non-alcoholic drinks, as well... but they're not even in the top 5 cities buying the most per capita! 

Check out which regions spend the most on non-alcoholic beverages, which cities drink the most per capita, and what each state is drinking.

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