Acid League Proxies Sauvage

Acid League Proxies Sauvage

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Acid League Proxies Sauvage

Acid League Proxies Sauvage

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Acid League makes some of our favorite non-alcoholic “wines,” which they call Proxies. Proxies are complex and delicious blends of juices, teas, spices and bitters. The result is a beverage with the fruit, acidity, spice and body that many dealcoholized wines lack.

Sauvage meshes crisp apples with green spruce tips and spicy cedar. Canadian terroir in a glass, Sauvage works as a substitute for white wine, farmhouse cider, and herbal aperitifs.

How to Use It

Serve chilled in your finest stemware!

Ingredients & Nutrition Facts

- Only 30 calories per 5 oz serving
- 6g sugar per 5 oz serving
- 8g carbs per 5 oz serving

Ingredients: Water, Green apple juice, Sauvignon Blanc juice, Verjus, Apple
juice concentrate, Cedar spice bitters (a preparation of cedar wood, juniper
berries, caraway seeds and vegetable glycerin), Apple vinegar, Tartaric acid,
Salt, Spruce tips, Cedar leaves, Bai Jian white tea, Potassium sorbate, Sodium
benzoate, Sulfites

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