Pornstar Martini Bundle

Pornstar Martini Bundle

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Pornstar Martini Bundle

Pornstar Martini Bundle

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The Pornstar Martini is just making its way to the US, but it's been the most popular cocktail in the world the last few years... yes, in the world!

Don't miss out on this trend with The Zero Proof's recipe and kit to make this bubbly, passion fruit and vanilla bean cocktail. Traditionally served in two glasses, one for the shaken passion fruit and vanilla vodka mixture and one for a 2 or 3 ounce pour of champagne, but we like it just as well in one glass with the sparkling poured over top.

However you choose to drink it, you'll get everything you need to make this delicious cocktail with our Pornstar Martini Cocktail Bundle:

And the best part? You'll get all of this for 15% off the cost of buying each bottle separately! 

How to Use It


• 2 ounces Strykk Vanilla Not Vodka
• ⅔ ounce (4 tsp) Portland Syrups Citrus Passion Syrup
• ⅓ ounce (2 tsp) Sirop Co. Vanilla Bean Sirop
• ½ ounce lime juice
• 4-6 dashes El Guapo Polynesian Kiss Bitters
• Château del ISH Sparkling White Wine to taste
• half passion fruit, to garnish (optional)


1. Add Vanilla Not Vodka, syrups, lime juice, and bitters to a cocktail shaker with ice.

2. Shake until chilled.

3. Strain into coupe glass, and serve with a sidecar of sparkling white wine, or pour over cocktail, your choice!

4. Garnish with passion fruit if using.

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