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Proteau Red Cosmo

This mocktail recipe calls for one of the most beautifully packaged non-alc products on the market, Proteau Ludlow Red.

Proteau is a botanical aperitif with blackberry, rose, licorice, roasted dandelion root, fig vinegar and other flavors. It's a complex, fruity drink with a vinegar kick.

The recipe is from TZP friend and mixologist Zach Giglio who made the Proteau Red Cosmo for his wife Emma for a holiday treat.

You'll find the simple and delicious recipe below. And you can read our full review of Proteau here.

Proteau Red Cosmo Ingredients:

1 ounce Seedlip Spice (or Grove)

1 ounce Proteau Ludlow Red

1 ounce fresh squeezed lime juice

11 grams of agave syrup

Proteau Red Cosmo Directions:

Combine all ingredients, shake hard in a cocktail shaker and then server in a chilled glass (go for a coupe shape if possible). Top with a little club soda if there's room.