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Savor the experience of enjoying a glass of wine without the negative effects of alcohol. Our curated selection of premium, non-alcoholic wine is fit for any occasion, whether you’re relaxing after work or celebrating something special. Find your perfect pairing with alcohol-free red, white, rose, and sparkling varieties. 

Why drink non-alcoholic wine?

Non-alcoholic wines offer an alternative, sophisticated beverage option when you want the taste and experience of drinking wine without the alcohol content. People choose not to drink alcohol for a variety of personal and health-related reasons. Whether you abstain completely or simply want to cut back, non-alcoholic wine lets you enjoy a glass (or two) without experiencing any of the negative or harmful effects of alcohol.

Is non-alcoholic wine different from regular wine?

Non-alcoholic wine isn’t just grape juice, it is actual wine that goes through the traditional winemaking process. The difference is an additional step called dealcoholization, a process that involves removing the alcohol from fermented wine while allowing the final product to retain the intricate flavors, aromas and characteristics of its alcoholic counterpart.

How is the alcohol removed from alcohol free wine?

There are a few different methods for dealcoholization including reverse osmosis, vacuum distillation, and spinning cone columns. While they differ in execution, each process involves starting with a quality fermented wine and then removing the alcohol content through advanced filtering and separation processes, all while maintaining the integrity of the wine.