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Bundles are our at-home alternative to exploring a wine shop or cellar. Delivered straight to your door, they offer you the liberty of tasting different palates, pairings, and non-alcoholic wine varieties to find what you like. They're also perfect for keeping the bar stocked for guests and host gifts. Oh, and you save 15%!

How many bottles of wine come in a bundle?

It depends on the bundle! You can bundle and save on as few as three bottles, or stock up with bundles of six or more. Smaller bundles are great if you're new to the non-alcoholic space and aren’t quite sure what to expect. If you're hosting a dinner party or stocking up for a season, our best-selling bundles are easy crowd pleasers and perfect for keeping on-hand.

What varieties of non-alcoholic wine come in a bundle?

Some bundles focus on red varieties, others on white. We also bundle by winemaker if you’re eager to try a specific brand.

Do wine bundles make good gifts?

Absolutely! Non-alcoholic wine is a perfect gift for hosts, expecting parents, and friends who love or are curious about NA options.