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Non-alcoholic bitters are a surefire way to add depth to any drink. Think of them like spices on the bar cart—they're easy to experiment with, add to recipes, and adjust according to taste. Bitters can be enjoyed in a number of settings—mix up a simple non-alcoholic bitters and soda to sip on, build a zero proof Old Fashioned at happy hour, or slow down with an aromatic digestif after a meal.

How do you use bitters in non-alcoholic drinks?

Non-alcoholic bitters are dynamic. Add a dash to tonic or sparkling water for something simple, work them into a more involved cocktail recipe that calls for bitters, or add them as a flavor enhancement in ready-to-drink mixers.

How are non-alcoholic bitters made?

Bitters are crafted with botanicals, spices, and roots. Flavors are extracted, layered, and blended into a final concentrated, flavorful essence. The process is delicate and involved, often taking place over the course of weeks, which makes us love them even more!

What are popular flavors of non-alcoholic bitters?

If you’re new to non-alcoholic bitters, Angostura or Aromatic bitters are a great place to start. They’re a classic to have at the bar, and are often called for in classic Manhattan and Old Fashioned recipes.