Last Resort Grill

Everyone in Athens knows Last Resort Grill, or simply “Last Resort.”

The place started as a music club in 1966 and hosted the likes of Towns Van Zandt, Doc Watson and Jimmy Buffett.

Now, they serve some of the best food in Athens to hordes of loyal followers.

The giant vegetable mural on the side of the building gives a hint of what awaits inside… fresh, local food prepared with a southwestern influence.

Try the praline chicken (so popular there’s even a t-shirt dedicated to the dish).

And take advantage of some of Last Resort’s zero-proof options.

Resort mainly focuses on shrubs (drinking vinegars). They change with the season based on what fruits are available. When we visited, they were serving blueberry nectarine and watermelon.

Try your favorite flavor with some club soda for a fresh and light N/A option.

Mocktails aren’t on the menu, but the bartenders will create something custom to your taste. They also create seasonal syrups for drinks with the freshest ingredients they can find.

To see such an Athens mainstay getting behind the zero proof trend is awesome. People come to Last Resort to party. But the restaurant says they’re getting more and more calls from people who want to skip the booze. And they want something more than a high-fructose soda.