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Athletic Brewing Company is (almost) too good to be true

Co-founders Bill Shufelt and John Walker tell The Zero Proof how they made non-alcoholic beer cool.

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Acid League Proxies Vinta

Vinta is a special collaboration between Proxies and award-winning sommelier Miguel de Leon. Migu...

Sbagliato Bundle

The Sbagliato, a bubbly cross between a Negroni and a spritz, was summer’s bartender’s handshake…...

Miguel de Leon’s Zen Zero

Think lychee martini meets aperitivo spritz. 
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Gnista Cocktails: The Perfect Non-Alcoholic Drinks to Transition from Summer to Fall

Ease out of summer and into fall with recipes from some of our favorite mixologists, showcasing the flavors of Swedish botanicals.
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Wölffer Estate Brings Vintage Quality to Non-alcoholic Rosé

The Long Island vineyard has done what no other well-respected US winery has attempted: brought vintage quality to non-alcoholic drinks. 
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Michelin awarded sommelier Miguel de Leon is the non-alc superhero we deserve

The wine director of Pinch Chinese on his collaboration with Proxies, crafting New York’s best zero-proof beverage menu, and his personal super power.

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Spiritless Kentucky 74 SPICED Non-Alcoholic Cinnamon Whiskey

Spiritless Kentucky 74 SPICED is Spiritless’s award-winning non-alcoholic bourbon all dressed up ...

Noughty Dealcoholized Rouge

Noughty Rouge is a deliciously well-balanced red wine that is deep ruby red in colour with hints ...