Pentire Adrift

Pentire Adrift

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Pentire Adrift

Pentire Adrift

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When celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay calls something the “most delicious non-alcoholic drink,” you should take note. Pentire is made with coastal, Cornwall ingredients like rock samphire, sage, and sea rosemary. While Pentire isn’t technically a gin, it’s easiest to file it under the “gin category.” And our favorite serve is a simple Pentire & Tonic with lime.

700 ml bottle

How to Use It

Our favorite serve is a simple Pentire & Tonic with lime.

If you’re feeling a little more adventure, try a twist on a Tom Collins with Pentire.

It’s citrusy, refreshing and delicious… and simple to make at home.


Pentire- 75ml

Fresh lemon juice- 25ml

Sugar- 1 teaspoon or a squeeze of honey

Soda water- 150ml

Ingredients & Nutrition Facts

0 g Sugar

0g Carbs

Water, British sea herb extract blend, lemon juice from concentrate, natural flavors, malic acid, Cornish sea salt, potassium sorbate

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