Gnista Bundle

Gnista Bundle

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Gnista Bundle

Gnista Bundle

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Sweden’s Gnista is the first non-alcoholic spirit to truly resemble a fine spirit. And with the Gnista Bundle, you can try both of Gnista’s wonderful, non-alcoholic spirits at a special price.

Floral Wormwood, Gnista’s first expression, is full of green herbs, citrus, floral notes and spice. Strong and complex like an amaro… this full-bodied non-alcoholic spirit allows you to sip and savor, contemplating all of the delicious flavors.

Barreled Oak is like bourbon, only more complex and interesting. You’ll pick up smoked wood flavors, chocolate and warm spices. It’s unlike any other non-alcoholic spirit out there!

Contains < 0.4% ABV (grain spirit is used for some extracts)

500ml bottle

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