Kally Verjus Sparkler (750 ml)

Kally Verjus Sparkler (750 ml)

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Kally Verjus Sparkler (750 ml)

Kally Verjus Sparkler (750 ml)

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Kally Verjus Sparkler is fresh, tart and bright. Crisp microbubbles combine with California chardonnay verjus, offering a lively sparkling wine alternative.

Kally Verjus Sparkler features California chardonnay grapes from Kally's 2023 harvest. The season was longer and cooler than in years prior, making harvest unusually late. By early August, the vineyard was finally able to handpick grapes with the perfect balance of acids and sugars. Vibrant acidity from the long season shines through in this year’s final product, making it some of our best verjus ever.

Verjus Sparkler highlights everything that is great about chardonnay grapes: high acidity, bold minerality and complex astringency. By adding carbonation, it accentuate all of these characteristics and bring the grape forward in the glass.  

Ingredients & Nutrition Facts

Nutrition Facts
No alcohol. No added sugars. No funky additives. Per 5oz / 148ml serving: Calories 23, Sugar 4g

Ingredients: Filtered water, chardonnay verjus, teeny tiny micro-bubbles

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