Kin Lightwave (4-pack)

Kin Lightwave (4-pack)

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Kin Lightwave (4-pack)

Kin Lightwave (4-pack)

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Kin Lightwave is the newest offering from Kin Euphorics and it’s probably our favorite tasting. A smooth blend of lavender-vanilla, birch and smoked sea salts liven the spirit and satiate the palate. Reishi Mushroom, Saffron, L- Tryptophan and Passionflower delight the mind and root the energetic body.

    How to Use It

    Pop the top and enjoy. One can is enough for most, but you may prefer 2 or 3. Limit yourself to 4 cans in 24 hours.

    Ingredients & Nutrition Facts

    50 calories per can

    Only 3g of sugar per can

    Limit to 4 cans in 24 hours

    Water, Apple juice, Birch bark extract, Allulose, Lime juice, Vanilla extract, American oak extract, Lactic acid, Smoked salt, Gentian root extract, Ginger extract, Xantham gum, Passionflower extract, Cimmerian extract, Licorice root extract, Organic bourbon vanilla extract, Cinnamon extract, Chili pepper extract, Rosemary extract, Clove extract, Saffron extract

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