Lapo's Aperitivo

Lapo's Aperitivo

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Lapo's Aperitivo

Lapo's Aperitivo

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The Aperitivo
Lapo’s Non Alcoholic Aperitivo was born in Florence, Italy’s most famous bar, where a smiling barman in a tuxedo–Lapo–serves the best negroni in town.

The magic of Lapo’s is a simple yet bold palate. A citrus-centered, bittersweet balance of Italian orange and gentian root are grounded in hibiscus, juniper, rhubarb root, and dandelion root.

Inspired by the traditions of Firenze, this aperitivo contains the spirit of lively summer nights and long, leisurely meals.

In other words—it's for really, truly enjoying.

To Serve
Simply substitute Lapos where Campari is called for. As Lapo would have it, serve in a simple spritz at lunchtime or golden hour. Later on, try your hand at a non-alcoholic Negroni or Americano. As always, garnish with an orange wedge & cin cin.

Ingredients & Nutrition Facts

Serving Size: 1.5 fl. oz. (45 mL)
Servings Per Bottle: 17
Calories: 20
Total Fat: 0g
Sodium: 0mg
Total Carbs: 5g
Total Sugars: 4g
Including 4g Added Sugars
Protein: 0g

Ingredients: Water, Organic Cane Sugar, Gentian Root Extract, Pectin, Black Currant Juice Concentrate, Clove Extract, Lactic Acid, Bitter Orange Extract, Dandelion Root Extract, Hibiscus Extract, Juniper Extract, Rhubarb Root Extract, Fruit and Vegetable Juice (Color), Potassium Sorbate

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