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Charleston, SC

The word is out on Charleston.

This charming, lowcountry city won just about every popularity contest possible in the past two decades, including Travel & Leisure's best city in the US for seven years in a row.

And the good press caused a migration to the area (including lots of New Yorkers).

We understand the draw... great food, college town, cobblestone, snappy dressers, palm trees, pastel-colored homes galore... and you can get to surf in 20 minutes.

Charleston was home to Sean Brock during his McCrady's and Husk years. And it remains one of the most exciting food cities in the US.

While Charleston embraces its classic, Southern heritage, The Zero Proof was excited to find such progressive non-alcoholic options on menus throughout the city... and a cohort of passionate entrepreneurs helping push the zero-proof movement forward. Whether you're in the mood for mocktails, non-alcoholic beer or just a good booze-free drink, Charleston is on the forefront. In fact, over 50% of restaurants we called in Charleston said they either already had mocktails or non-alcoholic beer on the menu, or would make a mocktail if a guest requested one.

Below, you'll find The Zero Proof's Booze-Free Guide to Charleston, SC. We share the best restaurants and bars to visit to get some interesting and refreshing drinks without the booze. You'll also find profiles and interviews with local entrepreneurs with their fingers on the pulse.