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Four Mocktail Recipes to Get You Through Thanksgiving with the Family

Ah, sober Thanksgiving.

It's tough. You're around family all day, so there's bound to be drama... everyone is getting sloshed on pinot, then slamming some brews watching the Lions lose the football game. Your parents want to know why you haven't achieved as much as your sibling, why you're not married, don't have kids yet, haven't moved out of the basement... whatever.

If you're going to make it through this day of "thanks," you need a plan.

And The Zero Proof has you covered.

Let's start easy...

Stock the fridge with some Heineken 0.0s.

They're our favorite non-alcoholic beer for sessions. They're light, crisp and they taste like Heineken. You can have a couple of those to get you through the football game.

It's a little tougher when it comes to replacing red wine with your turkey.

The Zero Proof will be serving Ludlow Red by Proteau - a new, non-alcoholic botanical "aperitif" with flavors of blackberry, violet, black pepper, dandelion and fig vinegar.

A bottle of Proteau Ludlow Red

We haven't tasted Proteau yet... but we did order some. And we're excited to tell you about it (Gramercy Tavern and Momofuku Ko in NYC are both serving Proteau, so it's got to be decent).

Of course, you should also have some mocktail recipes on hand.

So we had our in-house mocktail wizards create four Thanksgiving recipes. We kept these recipes simple (and hopefully only using ingredients you already have around the house.

Just click the mocktail that looks most appealing to get the full recipe and ingredients.

-       Cran-Apple Cider and Rosemary

-       Ginger, Brown Sugar and Verjus

-       Cranberry Sage Mocktail

-       Spiced Sparkling Apple Cider