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Our Favorite Non-Alcoholic Gins Alternatives (updated 2021)

If you don't drink, you've probably heard of Seedlip. 

It's the self-proclaimed "world's first distilled non-alcohol spirit" out of the UK that is now owned by the world's largest booze company - Diageo. 

Seedlip is not officially a non-alcoholic gin, but you might as well consider it one. It's great for mixing mocktails. It also has a massive budget (thanks to Diageo) for design, marketing and distribution. 

You can find Seedlip's flagship line, which consists of Garden 108, Spice 94 and Grove 42, in the US. However, the company has also launched its NOgroni (a bottled, non-alcoholic negroni) and Aecorn Apertifs solely in the UK. 

Unfortunately, those of us who are stateside don't have the large selection of zero proof spirits available to our friends across the pond. We just have their flagship alcohol free gins.

Still, we want options... and we want them now. So, The Zero Proof went on a hunt for the best non-alcoholic gins, available in the US and Canada, that are good alternatives to Seedlip. 

Here are three zero-proof competitive "gins," all from North America, giving Seedlip a run for its money.

1) Monday Gin

Location: San Diego

Founder: Chris Boyd

Availability: The Zero Proof Bottle Shop

After two years of research and development, Monday launched a London dry gin with citrus aromatics and that "classic dry burn" akin to its alcoholic counterpart. It's one of our favorites with tonic water.

The company raised nearly $20k via pre-orders on KickStarter. Update: the company raised over a million dollars in crowdfudning. And it used the money to develop a beautiful-looking bottle of gin. The product is available on Amazon.

Here's our full review of Monday Non-Alcoholic Gin.

2) Ritual Zero Proof Gin

Location: Chicago 

Founders: Marcus Sakey, David Crooch

Availability: Around $28 on The Zero Proof Bottle Shop

Burn, baby, burn. Designed to substitute alcohol 1:1, Ritual Zero Proof Gin (read our full review) wants to give you the "burn factor" that we associate with alcoholic drinks. It's important because it causes and encourages you to sip, not gulp, and has been a missing component of the non-alcoholic spirits movement thus far. 

The founding trio claims to have worked on over 200 recipes before settling on their zero proof gin. 

3) Lumette Gin by Sheringham Distillery 

Location: Vancouver Island, Canada

Founder: Alayne MacIsaac

Availability: Onl in Canada at the moment.. Subscribe to TZP to get alerted as they launch this fall

Lumette, a beautifully designed gin, will be Canada's first zero proof gin (they call it "alt-gin"), and features prominent botanicals components including: juniper, orange, grand fir, cucumber, grapefruit, rose and mint.

We are excited because their alcoholic version SeaSide Gin just won "World's Best Contemporary Gin" at the 2019 World Gin Awards in London. Can they replicate their success in the zero proof world to compete with Seedlip's emphasis on farm-grown botanicals and Diageo's heavy R&D spending power?  

4) Lyre's Dry London Gin

Location: Australia, UK, United States

Founders: Mark Livings and Carl Hartmann

Availability: The Zero Proof Bottle Shop

Lyre's definitely taking market share from Seedlip

Lyre's, the quirky Australian brand, has fully entered the United States in 2020. They are operating a full team, and are working hard across the United States to educate bartenders and consumers about their non-alcoholic options. We wrote a full review of their Amaretti and White Cane drinks.

We found the Lyre's non-alcoholic gin to hold up wonderfully in a non-alcohlic negroni, and has one of the better bodies and mouth feels that we've tasted in the this category.

Optimist Botanics Non-Alcoholic Gin Lineup

The second California based brand to launch a alcohol free gin, is also the newest kid on the block. The founders used their favorite locations in Los Angeles as their inspiration for both the nose and taste profiles of their Smokey, Bright and Fresh trio of labels. Here's our full review of Optimist. Our tasting reminded us of the approach Pentire, a UK brand, took with their Cornwall inspired flavors. Both drinks are able to transport you, and although can't be consumed neat, are interesting enough that only a splash of tonic is necessary to turn them into a perfect drink for a proper sundowner.

More non-alcoholic gins are on their way

We're still early in the Zero Proof Movement... but it's good to know our options are expanding in the US beyond just Seedlip and a few non-alcoholic beers. We'll be in touch as soon as we taste these new non-alcoholic spirits. 

And if you've been lucky enough to try any of these products, we'd love to hear about it. Send us a note or say hi on Instagram.