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Review of Gnista Barreled Oak – A wonderful and complex non-alcoholic spirit

Gnista Barreled Oak Non-Alcoholic Bourbon Review

Gnista dubs itself the maker of the world's first non-alcoholic spirit that truly resembles a fine spirit. 

The Swedish company entered the non-alcoholic space with its Floral Wormwood - a sweet, spicy, earthy and bitter spirit that's loaded with flavor. You can read our review of Gnista's Floral Wormwood here

Barreled Oak is Gnista's second spirit offering. 

Both flavors have enough body, complexity and character to enjoy on the rocks (most non-alcoholic spirits are made for mixing with tonic or soda). And both are must haves on anyone's bar.

However, as bourbon fans, we prefer the woody notes of the Barreled Oak.  

The company describes Barreled Oak as "dry and smokey, with tones of warm spices, chocolate rye and a distinct character of oak barrel." 

On the nose, you get a pleasant, sweet wood aroma and some bitter, earthy notes - a quite well-rounded aroma. 

It's equally well-rounded to taste...

You can absolutely enjoy Gnista Barreled Oak on the neat or on the rocks. 

As you sip, you'll get smoky, wood flavors mixed with a pleasant bitter/sweet/salty. And you definitely pick up on the chocolate and spice notes. 

It's a drink you can really pick apart as you sip. 

Both the complexity and the bitterness encourage you to pause and savor - it's not a drink you'll want to gulp down. 

Gnista Barreled Oak is also delicious over ice - which some may prefer because it dilutes the intensity of flavor. 

We'd also recommend trying Barreled Oak with club soda. Lots of non-alcoholic spirits fade away when mixed with soda, but Gnista's strong characteristics shine through and make a wonderfully adult spritz.