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Five of the Best Non-Alcoholic Whiskeys For Your Bar

Non-alcoholic spirit companies have broken into two segments. 

One, following in the footsteps of market pioneer, Seedlip, makes non-alcoholic versions of existing spirits like gin, rum and non-alcoholic whiskey.

This is the largest segment in non-alcoholic spirits with companies like Lyre's, Ritual Zero Proof and ISH. The customer knows what to expect in terms of taste and how to use the product, thanks to the connection to familiar spirits.

The other segment of non-alcoholic spirits companies creates original flavors - not mimicking existing alcoholic spirits - that are complex, adult and delicious.

Companies like Gnista and Pentire use natural, local and interesting ingredients like rhubarb, rock samphire and sea lettuce to create unique and satisfying alcohol alternatives.

In today's article, we're talking about the first segment of non-alcoholic spirits companies - those creating the best, alcohol-free alternatives to your favorite spirits. In particular, we're discussing some of the best non-alcoholic "whiskeys" you'll find on the market today.

1. Lyre's American Malt

Lyres is one of the best non-alcoholic whiskeys

Lyre's American Malt is one of the most popular non-alcoholic whiskeys on the market. This particular flavor is "impossibly crafted" (to use Lyre's term) to taste like bourbon.

You'll get all of the signature notes of a bourbon: caramel, vanilla and oak. Incredibly balanced and smooth, the American Malt doesn't have a big, spicy finish like some non-alc whiskeys, but the flavor shines through when mixed with soda or in a cocktail. We stock Lyres on The Zero Proof Bottle Shop.

2. Spiritless Kentucky 74

Newcomer, Spiritless Kentucky 74 is a bourbon inspired brand

Spiritless Kentucky 74 is a non-alcoholic, distilled spirit from the birthplace of bourbon: Kentucky. Spiritless was founded by three women who wanted a better tasting, non-alcoholic option, and set out to make it themselves.

Being from Kentucky, they obviously started with bourbon. Spiritless Kentucky 74 has all the classic bourbon notes: charred oak, bourbon vanilla, and dark caramel. Pick up a bottle while stock is available..

3.Gnista Barreled Oak

Gnista, from Sweden, is inspired by whiskeys, but is alcohol free

Barreled Oak is the second creation from Swedish company Gnista. While not technically a non-alcoholic whiskey, Barreled Oak has many of the same flavor characteristics and stands in beautifully in bourbon cocktails.

You'll get smokiness, warm spices, chocolate and oak flavor notes. 

Gnista's Barreled Oak is funky and complex with tons of body and character. It's great to drink on the rocks or with club soda, and stands up well mixed in cocktails, as well.

You can order one here

4. Ritual Zero Proof Whiskey

Ritual Zero Proof is known for its "burn." The company uses capsicum fruit, peppercorns, and prickly ash to create a pleasant, lingering spice in its Whiskey Alternative.

Ritual's Whiskey Alternative is for mixing, not drinking neat. You can use it one to one in your favorite whiskey cocktails to add some spice and traditional whiskey notes like caramel and vanilla. We like to add a little more of the Whiskey Alternative and some bitters to bring out more flavor in the drinks.  

5. Curious Elixir No. 5

Not technically a non-alcoholic whiskey... but belongs on the list

Our last non-alcoholic whiskey is a non-alcoholic, whiskey cocktail in a bottle.

Curious Elixirs is known for crafting delicious, complex (and ready-to-drink) booze-free cocktails. Our favorite, Elixir No. 5, is a smoked cherry and chocolate old fashioned. Smokey and spicy with rich, deep flavors of cherry and a bitter chocolate.

Simply pop the top and enjoy two non-alcoholic old fashioneds. Pick up a 4-pack here.

Looking for a non-alcoholic gin? We've got you covered there as well. Here's our profile of 5 Seedlip competitors.