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Our favorite non-alcoholic wines right now

Our favorite non-alcoholic wines in 2021

Non-alcoholic wine is getting better and better.

And folks are drinking more and more.

Booze delivery service Drizly reports non-alcoholic wine sales are up 300% from 2020.

Fre - the "O'Doul's" of non-alcoholic wine, that's been around for decades - still holds the number one spot in the US. The company sold 253,000 9-liter cases last year (up 13.5% from the year before).

You won't find us sipping Fre. But all of the stats show one thing - the market for non-alcoholic wine (like all other alcohol alternatives) is growing.

And there are lots of new companies, using new techniques, to bring us interesting and delicious non-alc wines.

Here are some of our current favorites... 

Acid League

Acid League launched their wine "Proxies" with a monthly subscription. And we signed up immediately. The company would (and still does) create three new expressions with new packaging and labels every month. We have an entire write up on the innovation machine here.

It's a herculean task. But the experimentation and iteration made for an exciting experience each month.

But Proxies aren't wine, per se...

In Acid League's own words: Proxies are "a whole new form of beverage featuring the fruit, acidity, spice, and body that dealcoholized wine lacks."

To us, Proxies are delicious. They are complex, bold and full of character. And the company recently picked a few favorites to offer year round. Fair warning, that some might find the acidity and vinegar-like nature off-putting at first.

Here's what's currently on offer.


Fresh, fruity, with a hint of spice. You'll get apples, spruce and cedar. This Proxie is inspired by Acid League's home, Canadian terroir. An excellent substitute for white wine, farmhouse cider, and herbal aperitifs.


Rich tropical flavors (pineapple, lychee, peach) meet complex bitters for a wonderful white. Bold aromatics hit with a welcomed force, giving way to lush texture and a long finish.


A rosé you can drink all day. Crisp and refreshing, with fruity undertones and bright citrus and peppery notes. It's summer in a glass.



A complex red with notes of paprika, sundried tomato and rooibos tea. Earthy and savory in all the right ways bolstered with subtle spice. A lovely daily drinker that's great with pizza.

Semblance Sparkling Chardonnay

Sparkling Chardonnay made in California from premium, California grapes. Semblance has 0% alcohol, but looks and tastes like the real thing. Dry and crisp with nice acidity, you can't go wrong with this one.

Château del ISH (Sparkling Rosé)

Crisp and bright, with lovely notes of tart red fruits. ISH is made with a proprietary blend of Merlot and Pinot Noir grapes. It's a sparkling rosé in every way, just without the alcohol.

SOVI Sparkling Rosé Can

Our go-to take anywhere, drink anywhere dry style sparkling rosé in a can. Lively citrus notes, with cherry sweetness and savory hint.

Château del ISH (Sparkling White)

A sparkling white for any occasion. It's a blend of Pinot Blanc and Silvaner grapes. It's honey-scented aroma wonderfully complements notes of citrus and fleshy fruits. Fresh and refreshing.

If you haven't explored the growing world of non-alcoholic wines, the above list is a great place to start. There's a wine for every palate. And we stock everything above in The Zero Proof Bottle Shop.


Sean & Trevor