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Non-Alcoholic Drinks for Labor Day Grilling

Good drinks are a necessity when grilling, both to beat the heat and to enjoy with family and friends.

Labor Day, the last big cookout weekend of the year, is just around the corner, so we've put together a list of our favorite non-alc drinks to pair with grilled meats, vegetables, and all the classic sides.

These delicious booze-free beverages will keep you happy and hydrated the whole long weekend!

For those who love anything cooked over fire: Gnista Barrelled Oak

You know who you are. You have to blow out your roasted marshmallows like birthday candles. Your steak may be red on the inside, but it's black on the outside.

You love anything kissed by fire.

If you live for smoky, savory char, pour yourself a glass of Gnista Barrelled Oak. Straight up, on the rocks, or mixed with Fever-Tree Distiller's Cola for a better-than-whiskey-and-Coke.

Woodsy spices infuse a pronounced campfire smoke, from the very first sniff to a lingering finish. Sweet molasses, rye, and raisins, sun-dried right on the vine, are balanced by a touch of bitter herbs. Delicious from your first bite of grilled corn to the last bite of grilled peaches.

For the shade seekers: Ranch Water

If you would rather be inside with the AC blasting, try a boozeless version of the West Texas staple that was suddenly everywhere this summer. Just 3 or 4 ingredients and built right in the glass, Ranch Water is a cinch to throw together grillside.

Pour a couple of ounces of ISH Mexican Agave Spirit, an oaky, reposado-style non-alc tequila, over ice. Add a splash of lime juice, and a little simple syrup if you have a sweet tooth. Top with Topo Chico mineral water- and only Topo Chico, or else it isn't real Ranch Water!- and drink up to cool down.

For the carnivores: Sovi Red

Even if it's the last thing most people think to pour in the summer, nothing goes better with a juicy burger, pork barbecue, or even a meaty, grilled portobello than red wine. Like an easy drinking, linear Merlot, the strong but simple backbone of Sovi's de-alcoholized red wine pairs beautifully with the complex flavors of grilled meat, and the soft tannins and high acidity keep your mouth watering for more.

Sold in 4-packs of single serving cans that are a lot easier to open while balancing a paper plate of ribs on your lap.

For the 'gram: SpritzISH canned non-alc spritz

While the Instagrammable glassware make spritzes great for restaurant patio pics, those top heavy, oversized stemmed glasses are a disaster waiting to happen at most outdoor gatherings. To toast summer's last hurrah with the season's signature, sunset colored drink without a shard of glass finding its way into your flip-flops, try a ready-to-drink spritz.

We love the abundant bubbles and the Campari-meets-Aperol flavor of SpritzISH- and judging by how fast it sells out every time we get it in stock, so do you! If you can't get your hands on SpritzISH, Lyre's Amalfi Spritz is also a great pop-top choice for those who need their bitter orange bubbles.

For the aficionado: Sbagliato

You have no problem shelling out $20 for a perfect cocktail. You always know what the current "bartender's handshake" order is.

And the delicious Sbagliato is this summer's It Drink.

Pairing the bitters of the Negroni with the bubbly of a spritz, it's light and refreshing, with an elegant edge.

For a fantastic booze-free version, mix one ounce each of Gnista Floral Wormwood and Wilfred's Bittersweet Aperitif in a glass with ice, and top with Chateau del ISH white sparkling- all of which you can buy in our discounted Sbagliato bundle in the shop!

Garnish with an orange peel or slice, for a fun but sophisticated summer fling... before you move on to the next season's hip cocktail, of course!

For the traditionalist: Visitor non-alcoholic beer

Apple pie and baseball have nothing on an ice cold lager while standing over the grill. Visitor non-alcoholic beer is a crisp, lightly hopped lager that's not only non-alcoholic but an upgrade in flavor compared to those alcoholic American beers.

Perfect with a freshly grilled hot dog and a side of potato salad, a cheeseburger with salty potato chips, and even grilled zucchini. Or just take it to your pickup softball game and instantly become the Most Valuable Player.

For the grill master just trying to keep cool: Curious Elixirs No. 3

Flipping steaks over hot coals in the late summer heat is a tough job! Cool off with Curious Elixirs No. 3, a light Cucumber Collins with a spritz of lemon, a hint of salinity, and a refreshing blast of alpine herbs and functional botanicals.

Juniper, gentian, and orange blossom reference the classic Corpse Reviver No. 2, while bright lemon verbena and cooling spearmint add a distinctly herbal touch. Angelica root reduces inflammation to soothe your body, while stress-relieving ashwagandha helps you chill out and enjoy the holiday.

Ready to fire up the grill? Stock up in our bottle shop! We've put together a Labor Day grilling bundle to satisfy everyone you invite to the cookout.

Cooking for a thirsty crowd? Add on a Sbagliato bundle for even more options to send the summer out with a booze-free bang.

Happy Labor Day!