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TZP’s Top 5 Non-Alcoholic Gins and Gin Alternatives

With its juniper-forward, herbaceous flavor, gin is a spirit enjoyed in all seasons. A gin and tonic to fight the blistering heat on a night in July? Or perhaps a rosemary gimlet to get through that family holiday gathering? 

Regardless of the season, sometimes we like our gin free of consequences. Summer mornings and holiday party recoveries are even sweeter without a nasty hangover. We've compiled a list of our all-time favorite, non-alcoholic gins and gin alternatives to delight your palate without paying for it in the morning. .

Monday Zero Alcohol Gin

Made by hand in small batches at Monday's sunny, SoCal craft distillery, this zero-alcohol, award-winning gin quickly made a name for itself in the London Dry category. Whether shaken in a martini or poured for a French 75, its juniper-forward, bitter lemon, and grapefruit flavor notes of this bold and complex spirit work well in most any gin drink.


ISH Spirits achieves a classic gin flavor through the use of natural botanicals. Strong herbal flavors of juniper, bitter citrus, and coriander shine through, with a necessary, subtle heat to finish.

GinISH is a welcome addition to any beverage, but especially good in a Spanish G&T, Negroni, or as an offset to sweet honey in a Bee's Knees cocktail.

Ceder's Wild Distilled Non-Alcoholic Spirit

For the adventurous drinker in search of a warm, aromatic twist to the classic gin profile, Ceder's Wild Distilled Non-Alcoholic Spirit features ginger, rooibos, and clove. With this spicy take on the classic juniper flavor, Ceder's Wild is perfect for autumnal versions of your favorite gin drinks.

Pentire Adrift

The sea salt, sage, and tart lemon flavors of Pentire Adrift will transport you to the North Cornwall coastline where the ingredients are sourced. Though it departs from the traditional juniper flavor of gin, Adrift has a similarly crisp, herbaceous flavor from unusual, locally sourced ingredients like rock samphire. Pentire Adrift is best enjoyed chilled, over ice. We love it in a Salty Dog, gimlet, or Corpse Reviver No. 2.

Bax Botanics Verbena

Verbena obviously takes center stage in Bax Botanics' bright herbal and citrus spirit. Fresh, green flavors of lemon thyme, lemongrass, fennel, and citrus zest make it an enjoyable, zippy sipper. Bax Botanics Verbena is perfect for pre-dinner aperitifs as well as after-dinner dirty martinis.

This eclectic selection of non-alcoholic gins and gin alternatives are our current favorites, but we encourage you to go out and explore for yourself. The world of alcohol-free spirits is constantly expanding, and conscious consumption is calling your name!