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Pop the cork and indulge in a glass of bubbly without the headache in the morning. With our curated selection of the best non-alcoholic champagne and sparkling wines, you'll be ready to celebrate momentous occasions or daily pleasures like the start of the weekend. Browse our bundles and single bottles for a fully stocked zero-proof bar.

What is non-alcoholic sparkling wine?

Non-alcoholic sparkling wine involves pressing and fermenting grapes, but is then dealcoholized using a few different potential distillation or filtration methods. The end result? You get to enjoy the crispness of non-alcoholic champagne without any lingering side effects the next day.

Can a pregnant woman drink non-alcoholic champagne?

While generally safe, it's important to read labels before you consume any non-alcoholic champagne when pregnant. Some non-alcoholic drinks do still contain trace amounts of alcohol. When in doubt, consult your doctor or healthcare professional to get the best advice for your personal situation.  

How do they remove alcohol from champagne?

Non-alcoholic champagne is created by removing the alcohol through one of two processes: either distillation or filtration. These tried-and-tested methods keep the refreshing flavor and effervescence you love, without any significant alcohol content impacting your body.