Collection: Non-Alcoholic White Wine

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Our non-alcoholic white wine collection is made up of dealcoholized wines and uniquely crafted wine alternatives from some of the best winemakers and mixologists in the world. From... Read More

What are the varieties of non-alcoholic white wine?

We offer non-alcoholic Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, and more. We strive for a balanced collection with everything from rich, oaky palates to light, fruit-forward serves and bubbly dessert wines.

What foods pair with non-alcoholic white wine?

White wine is easy to enjoy with most meals, but it's especially flattering next to fish and poultry, grilled vegetables, or cream-based pastas. It's also a great hors d'oeuvre option—white wine and oysters is a coastal classic.

Is non-alcoholic white wine healthy?

Non-alcoholic white wines often have less sugar and fewer calories than alcoholic wines. Plus, you skip every negative effect of alcohol, so it's absolutely a beneficial alternative to alcoholic wines.