home.made is the jam.

It feels like you’re walking into an old country store… or a restaurant off side your grandma’s house… but cool.

And they’re paying attention to the fact that sometimes folks need a break from booze.

But first, let’s talk about the food…

New Orleans transplant Mimi Maumus is the chef/owner of home.made. She grew up cooking with grandma and working in independent restaurants. And she’s all about home cooking and local ingredients.

She serves excellent pork shoulder and fried chicken. Get some deviled eggs and pimento cheese stuffed dates, too. And please, please get the chomper for dessert. It’s genius… seriously. And throw a scoop of vanilla on top.

Back to the N/A.

home.made has a section for both non-alcoholic beverages and “coffee, teas, sodas, sparkling waters.”

The Virgin Bloody Mary (pic below) is solid. It’s peppery and tangy thanks to the pickle juice they use.

The mocktail menu changes depending on what syrups they’ve just made in house and what fruit juice they have on hand… and you can always ask the bartender to whip something different up for you – they will.

You’ll also find Bunkerhouse spicy ginger ale and the southern classic, Blenheim HOT ginger ale (which dates back to the early 1900s).

There are plenty of beverage options to keep you happy while chowing down on some of the best home cooking in Athens.