Cherokee Moon Mixology

Almeta Tulloss and Nicole Bluh are the mad scientists behind Cherokee Moon Mixology.

Not only are Almeta and Nicole (collectively), food scientists, farmers, herbalists, medicine makers and activists… they are also LEGIT. And the potions they’re cooking up at Cherokee Moon are delicious and nutritious.

Cherokee Moon brews artisanal vinegars. Their products include craft sour mixes, shrubs and bitters

And they’re all about the process…

Almeta and Nicole forage and grow (on multiple sites in Atlanta with Grow Where You Are and in Athens) 95% of the varieties of fruits, spices, herbs and everything else that goes into their products. The rest (mainly lots of apples) is sourced from organic, local farmers they know.

They blend and brew it all themselves in Athens, Georgia. And they do it the right way – which means customers sometimes have to wait for new batches of their favorite tonics.

Cherokee Moon started selling vinegars at winter markets, then festivals. And when they linked up with customers on Instagram, they realized how much demand there really was…

People reached out saying they never get sick because they drink their vinegars. Customers claimed their products cured all kinds of physical ailments.

Medical efficacy is a huge part of their business. Cherokee Moon uses things like juniper, goldenrod, sumac and dandelion in their mixes… things humans have been consuming forever and that our bodies crave and enjoy.

Try the Prickly Pear Sangria (Almeta’s favorite), which is their cornerstone product. In addition to tasting amazing with some soda water, it’s good for the heart.

And Nicole loves Yellow Docktah – a roots bitters with fig leaf and island spices, which is good for the liver and kidneys and aids digestion.