Figment Kombucha

You’ll find Figment Kombucha tucked away in a small, strip mall on Baxter Street… the part of Baxter Street nobody used to visit.

Figment’s address is 1085 Baxter. Fantasy World, a skeezy spot for “viewing private models,” was a close neighbor at 1050 Baxter – before the government shut it down.

But the neighborhood has changed. Thanks, in part, to businesses like Figment Kombucha moving in. (home.made, another entry in our Athens guide, is a couple blocks away, too.)

And we’re glad it did.

Because Figment makes some of the best kombucha we’ve ever tried.

Owners Jason Dean and Erika Galloway met at the westside location of Five Points Bottle Shop – an excellent package store with a home brew center. It’s the brewing hub of Athens… and most of the city’s renowned brewers worked there at some point.

But Jason and Erika took those skills and applied them to a healthier choice.

The taproom is super clean and modern. You can find the available flavors spelled out in blocks on the board. And the kitchen, loaded with large, gleaming stainless-steel pots, is behind two swinging doors (above which sits a sign reading “What Good Shall I Do This Day?”).

Figment takes “small batch” kombucha to a new level…

We tried Prickly Pear, which was outrageous… hands down the best kombucha we’ve ever tasted. And they hand-picked the fruit from a local woman’s yard – she called and asked them if they could use it, otherwise she was throwing it away.

And if rosé all day is more your speed, they also offer a “rosé” kombucha that is rose petal, cranberry and pomegranate. And it tastes pretty damn close to the real thing.

Figment offers free tastings. And they also sell kombucha by the glass or growler.