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Athens, GA

There's a bit of folklore in Athens that the University of Georgia was snubbed from Playboy's list of top party schools back in the 80s.

As an explanation for the slight, Playboy said they "don't rank professionals."

Whether that's true or not, Athens is a party town. The city has some 80 bars within its one square mile downtown - more than any other city, per capita in the country.

Athens is also famous for music. It's the birthplace of the B-52s, REM, The Whigs, Widespread Panic, Drive By Truckers, you get the idea...

Then there's the thriving, craft brewery scene including both Terrapin and Creature Comforts.

So you wouldn't think of Athens as a city on the forefront of the booze-free movement.

The Zero Proof was surprised (and thrilled) to find so many passionate and creative makers producing kombucha, shrubs and other alternatives for anyone who wants a break from the sauce.

And a number of restaurants and bars (even the rowdy, college bars) are taking note and offering a selection of zero proof options on their menus. We found 30+ bars and restaurants serving Non-Alcoholic beer (here) and mocktails (here).

Below, you'll find The Zero Proof's Booze-Free Guide to Athens, GA. We share the best restaurants and bars to visit for non-alcoholic options. You'll also find profiles and interviews with the people making the coolest, non-alcoholic products in town.