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Figlia – The Newest Non-Alcoholic Aperitif for Spritz Season

Figlia is a non-alcoholic aperitivo with a mission.

Founder Lily Geiger lost her father to alcoholism when she was 20. The tragedy led Geiger to reevaluate society's relationship with alcohol... and eventually brought about Figlia non-alcoholic aperitivo - Figlia is Italian for "daughter."

As part of its mission, the company donates proceeds to Partnership to End Addiction and 1% for the Planet. 

In addition to doing some good for society, Figlia also makes a good drink...

Fiore, Figlia's first expression is "an ode to the spritz, a token of leisure and a reminder to take your time," according to the company website.

The drink comes in a large (750 ml) and beautiful glass bottle. And it has a glass stopper for an added touch of luxe.

Fiore is also a gorgeous, dark red/purple hue - similar to a sangria.

The packaging is clean and simple, but the liquid inside is anything but...

On the nose, you get strong ginger notes and some berry.

The first thing we noticed about Figlia Fiore is that it's less bitter than some other aperitivos we enjoy (like Wilfred's and Lyre's Italian Spritz). And it's dialed up the ginger to add that extra kick.

In addition to ginger, you get bitter citrus and strong berry notes (from the black currant) that rounds everything out. We also picked up the chamomile.

It's a pleasantly balanced drink with citrus, bitter and floral notes that finishes with a nice spice (clove, not heat).

We enjoyed Figlia Fiore chilled, on its own. It's got good body and it's a pleasant sipper.

But we believe it works best with a splash of club soda. The spice from the ginger and the bitter citrus come through. And the bubbles elevate the experience a bit.

We also tried Figlia Fiore with Fever Tree Tonic. Normally we love our non-alcoholic aperitivos with tonic water - like Ghia and Wilfred's. And the resulting spritz with tonic wasn't bad... but we believe it resulted in a less balanced drink that was a tad too sweet and bitter.

The more time we spent with Figlia (we sampled it over two weeks), the more we enjoyed it.

It's quite different from the other non-alcoholic aperitivos on the market. The berry and floral flavors (thanks to black currant and rose) add another dimension and take Figlia Fiore out of the traditional Aperol or Campari replacements.

Overall, Figlia Fiore is a welcome addition to the non-alcoholic world.

You can pick up a bottle from our bottle shop. A 750 ml bottle is $43 (or $39.42 if you subscribe to a bottle each month).