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Seedlip Announces Major New Product Launch - NOGroni

Everyone in the non-alcoholic space knows about Seedlip - dubbed the world's first, distilled non-alcoholic spirit.

The product debuted at UK department store Selfridges in late 2015. And the first 1,000 bottles sold out in just three weeks. The next 1,000 sold in three days... the next batch in less than half an hour.

Now, Seedlip is stocked in bars around the world as a main ingredient in zero proof cocktails (or just to serve over ice with tonic as a refreshing substitute to a G&T).

In June 2016, Diageo (the world's largest booze brand) invested in Seedlip. And in August 2019, Diageo announced a majority interest in the company. They later invested in Ritual Gin, which may be considered a competitor.

With Diageo's deep pockets behind Seedlip, the company is expanding its line.

In May 2019, Seedlip launched a sister line of non-alcoholic aperitifs called Æcorn

And today, Seedlip is launching its first bottled cocktail...

The N0groni is a bottled, zero proof cocktail consisting of equal parts Seedlip Spice 94, Æcorn Bitters and Æcorn Aromatic.

Seedlip's N0groni debuts on October 10 where it all started - Selfridges in London.

The 20cl bottle costs £10 and consists of two servings.

Seedlip will release the N0groni to the general public at a later date. If you missed it, we also tasted a great virgin non-alcoholic Negroni. Here's the recipe.