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Virgin Moscow Mule Recipe

This virgin Moscow mule does not stray far from the original. It features that fresh burst of lime which delivers both tartness and citrusy aroma, a spicy note of ginger and the complexity of beer. The only difference is non-alcoholic beer replaces the ginger beer while ginger ale brings the signature spice you expect from a Moscow mule. As for the vodka, we're leaving that out and adding some good ole H2O. Best of all, it is served in a copper mug, if you have one on hand of course. It is tradition to serve Moscow mules in copper mugs because of temperature. Copper insulates the beverage thus keeping it cool and refreshing until the very last sip. The thing is, copper and acidity are not a good mix so opt for a copper mug with a stainless steel lining to get the insulation benefits minus the risk of copper poisoning. 

Total Time: 5 minutes

Moscow Mule Mocktail Ingredients

Serves 1

  • Ice

  • 1 tablespoon fresh lime juice

  • 1 ounce water

  • 3 ounces non-alcoholic beer

  • 2 ounces ginger ale

Recipe Directions to make the Virgin Moscow Mule

  1. Fill a copper mug or tall glass with ice.

  2. Add the lime juice and water.

  3. Top with the non-alcoholic beer and ginger ale.

  4. Serve and enjoy your virgin mocktail.

History of The Moscow Mule (before the Virgin)

Historically, a mix of spirits, water, sugar and something bitter was considered a cocktail. With taste evolution, the liqueur was introduced by mixologists and bartenders in 1860s. While they are considered to be American, some cocktails draw inspiration from British cultures i.e. bowls of spirits mixed with fruit juices and cut pieces of fruits in it.  

But when it comes to Vodka, the roots somehow find their way back to Russia. Back in 1941, Sophie Berezinski - daughter of the owner of a copper factory named Moscow Copper Co., came to the USA to sell copper mugs she designed. After a series of failure with multiple pubs and bar owners, stars aligned and everything else is history. 

She ran into Jack Morgan, owner of Cock 'n' Bull pub and John Martin who purchased the floundering business of Smirnoff Distillery a decade ago. The duo were discussing ways to upsell their products, i.e., the ginger beer and vodka as Americans were pretty happy with their regular beer and whiskey.  

A few failed mixes later, a crisp refreshing cocktail came into being that was about to swipe America and the rest of the world off its feet. Moscow Mule was the perfect concoction that subsided the fuzzy fermented flavour of ginger beer with the perfect notes of Vodka housed in a copper cup that gives the drink its distinct flavour and aroma. As the natural tendency of copper, the drink stays cooler for a long time and develops taste over the period. The cocktail was first introduced in the Cock 'n' Bull pub at Hollywood from where it travelled across the borders. 

In recent days, as the health benefits of copper came to light, copper mugs are in high demand and are sold by the same name. Today, they are extensively used in households around the globe.