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A Review of Pentire, One of Our Favorite Non-Alcoholic “Gins”

When celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay calls something the "most delicious non-alcoholic drink," you should take note. 

Ramsay was referring to Pentire Adrift - a delicious, botanical non-alcoholic spirit from Cornwall, UK.

Pentire is named after the Pentire peninsula on the Cornwall coast. It's an area known for excellent surf. And Pentire's founder, Alistair Frost, is a surfer.

"Frosty," as he's known, was surfing during the day and bartending at night. And he was tired of hangovers interfering with his early-morning wave hunting.

So he created Pentire (along with his friend Ed, a fellow surfer whom he met on a 230km charity bike race across Mallorca).

How Does Pentire Taste?

Frosty and Ed's passion for the coast shines through in Pentire Adrift...

It's made with coastal, Cornwall ingredients like rock samphire, sea rosemary, and ice lettuce.

And the flavors definitely transport you to the coast. The liquid is light and crisp. slightly briny, with herbal and citrus notes. It's exactly what you'd want to be drinking on a hot, summer's day at beach.

In addition, Pentire only has two calories per serving and zero sugar.

While Pentire isn't technically a gin, it's easiest to file it under the "gin category" and likely will compete against existing brands like Seedlip. And our favorite serve is a simple Pentire & Tonic with lime. The brine and herbal notes balance out the bitterness of the tonic... and the citrus shines through.

It tastes familiar, as a G&T should, but different at the same time with Pentire's subtle notes.

In addition to a great-tasting liquid, Pentire is also just a cool company...

It's a certified B-Corp, they purchase carbon offsets for their packaging and shipping, and profits from every bottle go to the Blue Marine Foundation for ocean preservation.

Not to mention, the bottle and label are minimalist and beautiful.

You can pick up a bottle of Pentire Adrift in our online bottle shop.

More Pentire Recipes:

If you're feeling a little more adventure, try a twist on a Tom Collins with Pentire.

It's citrusy, refreshing and delicious... and simple to make at home.

Non-Alcoholic Tom Collins Ingredients:

  • Pentire- 75ml

  • Fresh lemon juice- 25ml

  • Sugar- 1 teaspoon or a squeeze of honey

  • Soda water- 150ml