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The Zero Proof 2022 Holiday Gift Guide (Part 1)

Picture of a woman's torso in a red sequined dress holding a champagne flute in one hand and a white gift with a red ribbon in the other, against a white background

Whether you’re making your own wishlist or shopping for someone else, The Zero Proof 2022 Gift Guide is here to help you find the perfect present. 

For the one who put up their tree in October 

Drinks: Eggnog

Two glasses of eggnog, garnished with grated nutmeg and cinnamon sticks, on a wooden tray, with multi-colored Christmas tree lights in the background

They are the reason that “All I Want for Christmas is You” hits number 1 every year. They love cookie swaps and ugly sweater parties, and latke parties, too— if it’s a winter holiday, they’re here for it.

Give them a bottle of RumISH or Spiritless Kentucky 74 SPICED to "spike" their eggnog with non-alcoholic spirits. Treat them to some Liber & Co. Caramelized Fig Syrup and Bittermilk No. 7 Limited Edition Gingerbread Old-Fashioned syrup for maximum holiday cheer flavor. 

Bottle of RumISH Non-alcoholic Rum Bottle of Bittermilk No. 7 Gingerbread Old-Fashioned Syrup Bottle of Spiritless Kentucky 74 SPICED Bottle of Liber & Co. Caramelized Fig Syrup

Holiday ornaments are a no-brainer gift for these people, and John Derian has a truly exhaustive variety of lovely, high quality glass ornaments. These festive wine charms in shapes like candy cane, holly, and a red-scarfed scottish terrier will certainly come in handy at one of their many parties every season. 

For noshes, we'd argue there are no better latkes than your grandmother's, but for ones you can get shipped nationwide get them from Russ & Daughters in New York's Lower East Side. Don't forget dessert! Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream's annual holiday collection has some incredible flavors this year (we particularly love the Cranberry Crisp and Pistachio Macaron) that you can have sent directly to their door. 

For the one who lives for aperitivo hour

Drinks: Negronis, amaro (neat); if it’s hot enough, a Venetian Spritz 

A hand holding a Negroni, a red cocktail in a cut glass rocks glass, with another cocktail on a table, along with some oranges, two candles, and a bottle of GinISH non-alcoholic gin, a bottle of Wilfred's Bittersweet Aperitif, and a bottle of Gnista Floral Wormwood

A preference for sophisticated, challenging flavors and anything Italian. They enjoy their coffee black, their drinks bitter, and their pizza wood-fired (and often). 

Buy them a bottle of Gnista Floral Wormwood, Ghia, or Figlia to introduce them to a new after-work-before-dinner drink option. Prep them for New Years with the Sbagliato Bundle for a bubbly take on their usual Negroni. Send them a bottle of limited edition Acid League Velvet, our favorite for pizza, spaghetti bolognese, and anything else with lots of tomato and garlic. 

Bottle of Gnista Floral Wormwood  Bottle of Figlia Bottle of Acid League Velvet Proxies

Pair any of the above with some of our founder's favorite olive oil, Baroncini Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oil. If sweet treats are more their speed, Amarena Cherry Panettone, our content director's favorite seasonal Italian treat, is a gorgeous compliment to a brunch Sbagliato or an after dinner Manhattan. 

Other ideas: 

Rachel Antonoff's caviar and tinned fish printed dresses

Love & Victory's Negroni wear, including socks, sweatshirts, and this Bitter is Best long sleeve t-shirt

For the wine snob

Drinks: Organic, low intervention wines 

A hand pours a bottle of Oddbird Blanc de Blanc into a glass on a picnic blanket, with baguettes and fruit

Blow their mind with a bottle (or a case) of Oddbird’s Organic, Low Intervention White No. 2, a shockingly good de-alcoholized blend of Auxerrois, Pinot Blanc and Riesling. You might have to trick them into trying it for the first time, but they’ll be grateful when you reveal that they can enjoy a whole bottle of natural wine on a Tuesday without having aspirin for breakfast on Wednesday. 


Bottle of Oddbird Organic, Low Intervention White No. 2


If you really like them, throw in a few Zalto wine glasses to let them know they can be just as serious about non-alc wine as the other stuff. 

For the Disco Drink Revivalist

Drinks: Spicy Margaritas, White Russians, Amaretto Sours

 A selection of brightly colored cocktails and disco balls

The carefree, unabashed lover of kitsch, you can find them dancing on tables in the ski lodge in a vintage snowsuit. Completely unconcerned with anyone else’s opinion, they drink, eat, wear, and do what they like. And they’re probably the most fun person you know. 

Indulge their love of 1970s throwback drinks with a bottle of Lyre’s Amaretti.  Encourage their party spirit with the caffeine and energy fueling adaptogens of Three Spirit Livener for shocking pink cocktails with a fruity, spicy kick. Give them some ISH Mexican Agave Spirit and pink House Alchemy Mexican Chile Syrup to blend up some of those spicy margaritas they drink year round. 

Bottle of Lyre's Amaretti Bottle of Three Spirit Livener Bottle of ISH Mexican Agave Spirit Bottle of pink House Alchemy Mexican Chile Syrup

For 70s inspired glassware, check out Ghia's limited edition Totem Glasses designed by Sophie Lou Jacobsen. They would look cute on these humorous Joanna Buchanan beaded shrimp cocktail napkins

Morgenstern's unusual ice cream flavors are available to ship nationwide and would probably delight these fans of sweet and creamy cocktails like Grasshoppers and Brandy Alexanders. Help them ward off ice cream induced brain freeze and winter chills with a half-zip sweater, beanie, or puffer coat from Marine Layer's retro-inspired Winter Archive Whistler 1973 après-ski apparel collection.   

For the “wellness” fanatic 

Drinks: Green juice 

Three glasses of green juice surrounded by kale, bell peppers, green apple, and other green vegetables

They know their adaptogens from their nootropics, have tried every boutique fitness workout in town, and they carry around one of those absurdly sized water bottles that's a workout on its own when full. Skip the Lulu leggings-- they have enough already. 

Since they love anything with functional ingredients, you're golden with anything in the Functional section of our shop. Try Curious Elixir No. 4, an Aperol-spritz inspired, ready-to drink cocktail with herbs that are supposed to reduce inflammation, perfect for post-workout recovery. Three Spirit Social Elixir is a great option to subtly remind them you'd like to see them outside of the gym occasionally, with functional ingredients like passionflower and damiana that make socializing easier. 

Bottle of Curious Elixir No. 4 and a glass with the orange cocktail in it  Bottle of Three Spirit Social Elixir


A gift certificate for a local sports massage to help work out the knots in their muscles is nice, but the R1 Massage Gun from Roll Recovery costs about the same, and they can use it indefinitely. Plus, at about a quarter the price of better known percussive massage guns, you can look like you splurged without having to break the bank! 

For the one with enough Instagram followers to populate a mid-sized city

Drinks: Espresso and/or Pornstar Martinis, rosé, spritzes

Pornstar Martini

Trendy AF, they always appreciate something that will look great in a picture. Get them some Oddbird Rosé for a pink bubbly that tastes as good as it looks. It will look stunning in these Estelle Colored Glass iridescent champagne flutes. A 4-pack of SpritzISH would be appreciated, as well-- easier to pop and pour in a giant, photographic glass than having to mix it up from scratch. 

Whether they make cocktails at home or just carry these in their bag for totally unstaged party snaps, these Love & Victory evil eye cocktail picks will glitz up their drinks. For easy picture perfect cocktails, no messy fruit slicing required, give them an assortment of DEHY dehydrated dried citrus wheel garnishes

 Bottle of Oddbird Sparkling Rosé Can of SpritzISHDEHY Dehydrated Orange Wheels 

For the TikTok Star

Drinks: Something you’ve never heard of but will be passé by next week. 

Champagne flute of something opaque pink against a grey velvet curtain background on a mustard yellow table

They don’t just know what’s cool, they decide what’s cool. Give them a gift card to The Zero Proof shop, and see what they come up with. 

Digital rendering of The Zero Proof gift card

Stay tuned for part 2 coming this Black Friday… and keep your eyes on your inbox for upcoming discounts, free gifts with purchase, and special holiday specific bundles this week!