FIG (Food is Good) serves simple, delicious Southern food.

The restaurant, helmed by chef Mike Latta, is one of Charleston’s best.

The Zero Proof went to FIG for dinner (not with the intention of including it in our City Guide), and we were thrilled to find a zero-proof section on the menu.

FIG offered two non-alcoholic drinks on its menu, including a turmeric tonic.

We ordered both, and the waiter asked if we’d like to add Seedlip to the drinks. We did.

The bar staff was knowledgeable and passionate about Seedlip and the options they can make with the non-alc spirit.

The zero-proof menu changes seasonally. The restaurant can make non-alcoholic drinks to order, as well.

It’s tough getting a table at FIG. So if you decide to stop by, drop in early for bar seating