Dalai Sofia

“Dalai Sofia is the best kombucha in America” -Alton Brown

Southerners love their sweet tea.

But Dalai Sofia founder Zach Smith is on a crusade to change tastes (and blood-sugar levels).

Dalai Sofia makes both kombucha (from locally grown tea) and jun, a cousin of kombucha made from Green Tea and honey (as opposed to black tea and sugar).

The company is named after and inspired by Zach’s grandma.

Zach studied hotel management and came to Charleston to work in F&B. Then he left for a short trip to St. Thomas, which turned into a three-year stay.

While working in restaurants on the island, Zach noticed it was hard to find fresh, local food. So his friend suggested fermenting… and that led to kombucha.

Zach came back to Charleston with a recipe and the guys at Canonborough Craft Sodas let Zach start bottling in their facility.

Now you can find Dalai Sofia in high-end restaurants (including Basic Kitchen, which has its own, special brew) and grocers in the Carolinas.

There are four flavors - Fat Beets, The G-Spot, Bee Well Tonic and This ‘Lil Peach. They’re delicious (just ask Alton Brown) and all sourced super locally.