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On Cloud Nine

We found this sweet little mocktail recipe when touring Athens, Georgia for our first city guide, and comes from the National restaurant and bar.

Originally with Vodka, this drink tastes just as good without the booze. The awesome management sent us the recipe to share with you below.


  • 1.5 ounces of On Cloud Nine by Journey Juice (or any other cold pressed juice featuring a mixture of greens like kale and cucumber and fruits like apple, lemon, pineapple)

  • .05 ounces of lemon juice

  • .05 ounces of agave nectar

  • Chilled green tea with basil (see directions below)


Shake the first four ingredients and strain into a chilled collins-style glass. Add ice and top with chilled green tea. Garnish with fresh basil and a lemon wedge.

Green Tea: Pour hot water over 11 grams of loose leaf green tea and 1 gram basil leaves. Let steep for 4 minutes and then drain. Chill before adding to mocktail.