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The Mean Green Mocktail

This mocktail was custom made for us at The Cocktail Club by the awesome bartender Amine. His approach to serving us was to ask what type of taste profile we were in the mood for. Perhaps, because we had just come from Leon's and had doused everything with hot sauce, we instintively said we wanted something spicy and with heat. Amine wasted no time creating what we now call "The Mean Green". Here's how to make this hot mocktail.

The Mean Green Ingredients:

  • 1-2 Minced Serrano Peppers

  • A few slices of Cucumber

  • Two sprigs of mint leaves

  • Lime Juice 3/4 ounces

  • Tonic water 3/4 ounces

  • Soda water 2 ounces


  1. Muddle the first 3 ingredients (Serrano, Cucumber and Mint) together

  2. Strain the lime, tonic through the muddled ingredients

  3. Shake liquid in chilled cocktail shaker and serve over ice

  4. Top with soda water