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5 Recipes to Make Non-Alcoholic Beer More Interesting

Non-Alcoholic beer first came to the US in 1919. 

That's because during prohibition, the government decided the most alcohol a drink could have was 0.05% (and most NA beers still carry that ABV). 

When prohibition was repealed in 1933, people were used to drinking a super light, crisp brew. So the major breweries amped up the alcohol, but kept the taste... hence the proliferation of light, watered-down beers in the US. 

For most of history, drinking non-alcoholic beer was either mandated by the federal government or, often, an activity solely for recovering alcoholics or pregnant women. 

Unless you're in Germany... Germans, who invented non-alcoholic beer, enjoy drinking NA beers after workouts in place of sports drinks. In fact it's been scientifically proven to help athletes recover faster. 

Today, the market is realizing NA beer is for more than just designated drivers and pregnant women. In fact, over the past five years, NA beer sales have grown 3.9% a year, versus just 0.02% for regular beer. 

And NA beer drinkers are blessed today with more choices than ever before. 

Sure, you can still get an O'Douls or St. Pauli Girl. But there's also Heineken's "0.0" beer, which the company launched in 2017. The NA version is so close to the original that it's fooling people in blind taste tests

There are also craft, NA beer brewers like Athletic Brewing in Denver, CO and Wellbeing Brewing in St. Louis that are making NA stouts and IPAs. 

But even with the growing number of choices available today, you may want something other than a plane, old NA beer. 

Or, some of the craft choices may not be in your area yet. 

If you love the taste of beer, but the craft non-alcoholic beers haven't made it to your grocery store or bar just yet, here are a few recipes to make non-alcoholic beer taste better. 

These options will seriously level up non-alcoholic beer and were custom made by us at TZP. Let us know what you think!

Recipes to improve Non-Alcoholic Beers at home or in-bar. 

Non-Alcoholic Beer Margaritas 

Oh, hell yeah. You heard that right. 

Non-Alcoholic Harissa Michelada

"That's a spicy meatball!"

Non-Alcoholic Spiced Pear Shandy

Spicy, bitter, complex. Your tastebuds will thank you.

Non-Alcoholic Peach Beerlini

Did we just invent the "beerlini"? Yes. Did we throw in a few ripe peaches, because we get them fresh down here in the South. Yup.

Non-Alcoholic Molasses Stout

Perfect for fall and winter drinking. We'll even suggest a few non-alcoholic stouts you can purchase online, since they aren't widely available in stores.  

Caramel Non-Alcoholic Stout Affogato

A slight build on the last recipe, with some sugar craving ice cream. 

We'll continue to look out for great non-alcoholic beer, and we're more than happy sipping on one without any additional need to improve or mix it up. However, the market hasn't caught  up to most non-drinking americans, so we'll hit up these non-alcoholic beer recipes until then.