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Amazon's No. 1 Food Trend for 2020 is Zero Proof Drinks

Amazon knows more about consumer behavior than anyone.

Hundreds of millions of people buy basically everything they need for their lives on Amazon and the company has data on all of it.

That's why you get scary accurate ads for products you were thinking about buying but hadn't pulled the trigger on. The company can actually predict what you want and, often, when you want it.

Whole Foods, which Amazon bought in 2017, just released a list of the top food trends for 2020 based on customer data (the same data Amazon has), what they're seeing in stores and at industry trade shows.

One of the top items on the list is Zero Proof Drinks!

Whole Foods says to watch out for more non-alcoholic distilled spirits, hop-infused sparking waters, non-alcoholic beers and sparking tea drinks.

With the world's largest retailer on board (through its wholly owned subsidiary), you can expect to see the zero-proof trend accelerated.