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Review of Aplos - a CBD Infused Non-Alcoholic Spirit

From the second you hit Aplos' website, you know what this drink is about... chill.

White, flowing clothes, neutral tones, a lady bug crawling across the rim of a glass... "Natural Magic" is the first line of copy you see.

Aplos is a non-alcoholic spirit with CBD. Each serving contains 20 mg of broad spectrum hemp to "calm and uplift without the negative effects of alcohol." The is the first non-alcoholic spirt we've seen containing CBD, although Proposition Blood Orange Aperitif also contains 20mg of hemp.

Everything about Aplos is calm and uplifting. Even the liquid looks chill.

It's beautiful, hazy and lustrous. The clouds lazily roll around in your glass as you pour it. Aplos even throws off a psychedelic, purple/green reflection when the light hits.

In addition to hemp, Aplos contains ginger, rosemary and citrus. But zero calories and zero sugar.

From the first whiff, there's no doubt this drink contains hemp (sourced from a regenerative farm in Hudson Valley, NY). It smells like weed, with some sweetness and bold citrus.

We first tried Aplos neat. 

It is bold. The taste is very acidic, certainly enough to make this a sipping drink. You get bold citrus notes (like an oversteeped tea, almost) and a subtle, sweet marijauna flavor.

Aplos is definitely aggressive, and that first sip may catch you a bit off guard.

That being said, I found myself coming back for more

I also mixed Aplos with some Fever Tree Tonic over ice with a squeeze of fresh lime.

The tonic and ice definitely mellowed the drink, while still letting the bold flavors shine. It makes a nice cocktail.

As for the CBD effect - I felt good after drinking Aplos. Calm for sure. But still alert and clear headed.

You can buy Aplos on the company's website. A 500 ml bottle is $48.