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Cucumber Cooler

This summer refreshing mocktail was supplied by our friends at Jack Rudy in Charleston. It features their Elderflower Syrup product (which we highly recommend). The Elderflower Tonic is more herbal than floral and sweet, so it doesn't weigh down the drink. You can also use cucumber or grapefruit seltzer on this one instead of the plain unflavored version mentioned in the recipe.


  • Cucumber, 3 slices

  • Mint, 1 sprg

  • Elderflower Syrup, .75 ounces

  • Soda Water or Sparkling Water (unflavored)


  1. In a collins or highball glass, muddle three slices cucumber and one sprig mint

  2. Fill glass with ice

  3. Add Elderflower Syrup

  4. Fill with soda water or unflavored sparkling/seltzer water.