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Ritual Zero Proof Old Fashioned

For those a little intimidated by our Barley tea inspired Old Fashioned recipe, here's another option using a whiskey (or bourbon) alternative like Ritual. It's a great way to whip up a non-alcoholic Old Fashioned. We've picked up a some bottles to make your life easier, so feel free to add a bottle or two to your cart and we'll ship them straight to your door. We make a little money on every product bought through us which keeps this site funded.

Ingredients for Old Fashioned using Ritual Zero Proof Whiskey Alternative

  • 2 oz. Ritual Zero Proof Whiskey Alternative

  • ¼ oz. of simple syrup

  • 3 dashes Fee Brothers orange bitters

  • 3 dashes Fee Brothers black walnut bitters

  • 3 dashes Angostura bitters

  • Zest of orange


  1. Pour Simple Syrup and Ritual Zero Proof Whiskey into your favorite tumbler or cocktail glass

  2. Add Ice

  3. Dash with Bitters

  4. Zest with Orange (and use peel for garnish if you're feeling fancy)

It's important to not use too much simple syrup as Ritual Zero Proof products include enough sweetness to cut through the cocktail. We suggest only 1/4 of an ounce. Although we're big fans of Fee Brothers's bitters, mostly because they add to the mouth feel through addition of vegetable glycerol, feel free to use whatever bitters you have in your home bar. All of these ingredients should be widely available either in your grocery store or online.

We had the guys from Ritual Zero Proof send us some bottles, so feel free to purchase one here and we'll ship straight to your door.